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28th Jun 2018, 6:27 AM in Chapter 29: Beyond Super Saiyan!!
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SaGe 29th Jun 2018, 11:48 AM edit delete reply
Holy sh-t!

Ok that's NOT what I was expecting.

Question though..
Generally speaking piercing beams like this take a little time to charge up. Are we to think that this guy is SO strong that he can (at will) throw beams powerful enough to pierce Goku's SS2 defense?

If that is indeed the case.. you've made an insanely strong antagonist.

Now that also being said we've seen what happens to Goku when his guard is down in DBS when he's pierced / taken down by a mere ray gun from a baddy.

I'm Just backtracking to think of different situations when people have taken blasts or beams without charge up.

Piccolo when Base form Cell blasted him into the water after 17 was fighting him. I don't think there was any charge up there however Piccolo was worn down tremendously so I suppose his defenses were useless. I understand at that time Cell absorbed so many more lives/towns/cities that his power level increased tremendously so even if Piccolo was full stamina / power he may or may not have stood ANY chance vs Cell.. as we saw Cell dismantle 17 (infinite stamina for 17) because Cells power was just that much higher.

Just picking your brain is all RMK, so don't think Im busting ur balls.. I really appreciate this series!
Gokitalo 30th Jun 2018, 10:33 AM edit delete reply
I could be wrong about this, but Frieza didn't have to charge his own finger beam, didn't he? Only sometimes to make it even more powerful, I think, and it already was pretty strong on its own. Again, could be misremembering...
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