Volume 4 Chapter 32_017
7th Apr 2020, 7:09 PM in Chapter 32: Wolves and Demons
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Volume 4 Chapter 32_017
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I was just getting into it, I haven't had a chapter in like a year and now I'm sad it is already over, but I do like the fighting style
Alawolf (Guest)
So now we have a prince of all demons :D nice
Tuaterra (Guest)
Another great chapter. Your action scenes are certainly very kinetic and I appreciate seeing something as badass as a guy cutting off his own arm to petrify his enemy. I can't wait for the next one.
ImperialWrath (Guest)
So glad to see the return of this magnificent series. Though the cliffhanger at the end was really uncalled for, lmao. I love the teamwork of the group, everyone had a moment to shine in this single chapter. Barracks w/ the ever decisive decision-making, sacrificing an arm to not only prevent himself from being turned to stone, but using it to turn the technique on its caster.

Pigero & Yunomi showing off the fruits of their training in the wolf-school, particularly them using the concept of the Wolf Fang Fist to target a stronger opponents weak spots. And Solace w/ the Serpent style venom strikes, something which I've been wanting to see since Yamcha informed Goku of the style's strengths a few chapters ago. Everything about this chapter was awesome, and I once again eagerly look forward to the next one.
Appreauntis (Guest)
Hello, I remember seeing your user name on the Elsewhere discord. I would check in from time to time for Elsewhere news. I didn't make a discord account until somewhat recently, and the discord link on the Elsewhere Facebook that pops up on google is expired. Do you think you could add me if you see this? My discord username is Appreauntis#2916

Thank you.
Hello there. I searched for you in Discord with the username you gave and it didn't turn up any results. If you're still interested, just reply back and I'll see what we can do.
Appreauntis (Guest)
Hello! Hmm, I double checked and Appreauntis#2916 is my username and tag. I am not super knowledgeable about how Discord works, but I would like to be added to the server somehow, so that it will be saved to my account that I now have, and I can just use that to check up on Elsewhere news and discussion every now and then, since the Facebook link expired. Big fan of Elsewhere by the way! I like it just as much, if not more when it comes to the personal story aspect, as Multiverse.
I searched in every way I know how and Discord still gives me no results for that username. Do you perhaps have security settings on your account that prevent other users from finding you? Since you don't have an account on this website I can't send you a PM with a Discord link. You can try to search for "Official Dragonball Elsewhere Discord".
I didn't realize I could make an account. I just did, and subscribed to Elsewhere. It doesn't seem like the discord server is publicly searchable, and I double checked my settings, and it says that I'm open to receiving messages from anyone, so idk. But now that I have an account here, maybe you can send me the link now. Sorry for all the trouble, thanks for helping me out!
hello, I really liked the story of Elsewhere, the fact of making a story that allows the inclusion of earthlings in a more important way in DB I liked it a lot, the variety of Yancha's allies, his ambition to excel himself and being able to face the traumas of his past defeats has been something very interesting to see / read
In any case, if you still have a Discord account that follows this spectacular story, I would greatly appreciate it if you could invite me on Discord to keep up with the news and discussions that have to do with Dragonball Z Elsewhere topics.
my Discord username is etchell#567, I would really appreciate it if you could send me an invite to join the Dragonball Z Elsewhere talk
Wait it just occurred to me, these guys might not have plot armor, in a Dragon Ball Series of all places. Each and everyone of the Elsewhere cast outside Yamcha and Puar could be blipped out of existence at the author's whim unlike the iconic Z-CAST.
that guy (Guest)
wait is he claiming to be daburas kid and how is piccolo not picking up on them
Ultimate Perfection (Guest)
Piccolo is still a Namekian. Despite his extraterrastrial origins, magical capabilities and originally evil predisposition, he is still a mortal.

Whereas Dabura and his minions are full fledged Demons that live in a completely different realm of existence, almost similar to the Kais in a way. Piccolo still couldn't sense the ki of Supreme Kai and Kibito at the 25th Budokai, since they have God ki. A similar concept would work the same for Demons.
Viam 真空 (Guest)
That would make sense if the Z-Fighters didn’t since Dabura when they made it to Babidi’s ship. If I’m not mistaken they sensed Dabura and thought he was Babidi instead because of his strong power level.
ImperialWrath (Guest)
Well, I think that Goku seemed able to detect Dabura's level of strength at first, but it honestly seemed like he was basing it more off of Dabura's movements than his overall power. After all, he later states during Gohan's battle w/ Dabura, that the demon king was stronger than he initially thought.
Unknown (Guest)
The new team has gotten really far in their training, I’m so proud of them.
ShadowDurza (Guest)
I was wondering whether or not Solace knew the Snake School technique.
lightningbarer (Guest)
Great to see you back RMK mate! Still loving this story and its getting better! Hope you're staying safe mate!
Someone From Earth (Guest)
Thank u RMK for yet another great chapter in these trouble times. You deserve every positive feedback for writing this chapter, can't wait for Yamcha to come back. (How many chapters till the end , also will this end at the Buu saga or later ?)
Gregoreo (Guest)
Hey, I am new and I enjoy this famcomic to the fullest. I'd like to ask, how often are there updates? Cheers to all
Sena Kumo (Guest)
Just caught up to the current chapter, and I must say: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS FAN-MAGA JUST ROCKS! AND IT'S NOT EVEN BULLSHIT! You just picked stuff that was already established in canon while filling a couple of gaps and gave Yamcha a chance to work with it. I can just wonder how much work you had to put on it.
Will patiently wait for new chapters. PEACE OUT!
Luke Price (Guest)
Classic work as always RMK, always looking forward to more updates.
Adequate (Guest)
Love this comic! Came back after hearing about the hiatus all that time ago and this chapter being complete was a nice surprise. Can't wait for more!
Arkay (Guest)
Damn. The Hype is real!! Nice to see it's still being continued! ;-)
Felipe (Guest)
This has been a awesome 😎
Bob dave (Guest)
Please keep making these
The Doc K (Guest)
RMK, are you alright?
It's been a loooooong summer and I'm working nights right now. Thanks for asking.
Sokidan (Guest)
Any update yet on chapter 38 rmk? Happy to donate if it helps moving comic along
2000wires (Guest)
I hope you're doing okay
One day at a time over here. Thanks for asking.
NerdyDisasterFluffle (Guest)
Found and binged this entire series in one day. I know the past couple years, and all of 2020 in general, have been hell. I do hope you're staying safe out there. Don't rush a project like this, that's how someone gets burnt out. Take your time, and remember that what's behind the screen comes first. Stay healthy, RMK.
D12 (Guest)
Well damn.
I started re-reading it as a whole for about..i dunno, 5th time?
Either way I started at 2:00 AM.
Now it's 4:30 AM.

Damn I love your Elsewhere manga too much.
That was umm good a freind recommend me it but uhh not I have to wait for the next chapter but thats okay I guess.
I allways liked yamcha with this manga its even more solidified he should be the nr1 human fighter and all should know kaio ken even piccolo who is my fav
Basketface (Guest)
When will the next chapter arrive?
DB (Guest)
Screw that Reborn manga crap. If it's not REAL Yamcha, it's not a true spinoff. This is the Yamcha spinoff we need....
How can you keep us waiting? This is inhumane!

¿Cómo puedes hacernos esperar? ¡Esto es inhumano!
HannibalKantter (Guest)
Haven't heard anything about you for some months. Hope you're doing well
LuketheDuke (Guest)
Just leaving my obligatory 10/10 review for Elsewhere on my occasional check up on Elsewhere's chapters. I know life is way more important than this fan comic, but I hope that if the author doesn't believe or want to continue illustrating that he will release his idea of the plot in the form of a fanfiction.
Remy (Guest)
Hey RMK, how are you doing? It’s almost a year.
Yuy (Guest)
This is good but i thinck it good do som more in the writing department sure i mean som stuff were absolutely genius but some other parts not so much also the fan service is good but sometimes it feels like its a bit to on the nose also we havent heard a singel thing about bed like as if she and her dad were only there to setup yamchas past witch is great but they just never are heard of again after that also the father being in a resort along with beads friends and family is one of the examples of the too on the nose fan service them being in a resort does nothing but give us fan service and to tell us our dress designer designs rather odd things you cold put it. And i believe that frankly the resort seen is unnecessary and added nothing to the story than them just being in a resort for fan service I believe there could have been many other places in this world the people from the village would have ran of to also the village it self could have been a little bit more important to the story so that our main bad guy vampire dude has a better reason to go there and attack it like maybe since this village is a bit close to the wolf village theres a acchent book or somethings in the village about telling us more about the seal wich point the vampire man went there to take for himself. This is a food manga actually a verry good manga id say its better than some parts in super or even z over all its a 8/10 for me very good manga would recommend (sorry english is not my native language)
Person (Guest)
I know it’s been our for awhile just finished are they making a new chapter? Because if not they left in on a huge cliffhanger I want to read more I really like this.
Captain Potato (Guest)
i hope he will update it.
Hey are you doing alright RMK? It’s been almost a year now, hope you’re doing ok, and just want to make sure you are holding up well.
Rod of Stone (Guest)
Hope this gets continued at the 1st year anniversary of the latest chapter. I am having withdrawal symptoms here.
Michael (Guest)
Nearly one year without any news or new pages...
are you still alive?
Dopplereffect1 (Guest)
Hello, really enjoyed reading keep it up. Also when is the next continuation of dbelsewhere coming
Doppler effect (Guest)
Really loving the comic RMK. Am looking forward to the next chapter. When is the next chapter coming out?

Rod of Stone (Guest)
Still love it, after all those years and still wait with anticipation the time it gets another set of pages it so muche deserves.

Keep being awesome, RMK.
My dude (Guest)
My dudes there just has to be another one because you can’t leave it on a cliffhanger like this and not Finish it
SaGe (Guest)
been checking daily for over a year and waiting for the next chapter :P
Malvuen (Guest)
¿Esta cancelado?
Someone from Earth (Guest)
Will the manga continue? Are you gonna release a new chapter during 2021?
Hugh Jaynas (Guest)
So is this manga dead now? What happened to the author?
Poraxus (Guest)
Thanks for the read bro i loved it all, keep it up I don't care how long it takes
Bruh (Guest)
Is this coming back ever? :(
GogetaDbzFanMaanga (Guest)
Did you take a long break? or is it canceled?
kickstarter (Guest)
RMK please do a kickstarter to finish we will help you fund it
Nice chapter, hope you update soon. Stay safe
Yamchad (Guest)
Will this Fan Mangá continue???
FagnerLSantos (Guest)
Hello RMK, I'm from Brazil and I write fanfictions about Dragon Ball.
One of my readers recommended your doujinshi/comic and it looked fantastic up to this point, I hope you can continue it soon, it's a epic headcannon fuel!

And for those wondering, here is the link of my main fanfiction work:
pseudo-demicolon (Guest)
I've just binged all of Elsewhere up to this point, and I would like to give my deepest praise. Everything is well thought out to fit within the DBZ universe, and it's incredible that the art, paneling, and composition has improved so much over this comic's lifetime. This is absolutely stellar work so far, and I hope there'll be a new chapter sometime in the future (as long as the creator's current life situation allows him to).
J2 (Guest)
i loved every second of this manga it's the best manga i've read so far and yamcha getting his own journey is a dream come true to me i'll wait eagerly yet patiently for the next chapters.
Hey I caught up!
Scotty (Guest)
You good man? Haven’t seen any updates in well over a year now and am just hoping that you are doing alright.
Captain potato (Guest)
It is a long time to get update.
Ross (Guest)
Great fan manga! Just discovered it a day or two ago and read the whole thing. Great to see Yamcha finally getting some respect. Hope the creative genius behind this will eventually be motivated to finish this amazing saga.
Hope youre doing alright, I would love to see this continued after just finding it recently, or at least an update of some sort. I cant seem to find you anywhere online, or at least anything that mentions you writing this. Hope you have a good holiday!
Saizen (Guest)
Yo! (From Swiss) I was remembering about Dbz Elsewhere and I've come here for seeing how it's goes! But he seems that the doujinshi is abandoned :/ I hope someday he'll be back! 'Cause I love Yamcha and I love your story! (I always remember the fight between Yamcha and Goku for Yamcha proving himself that he has a great potential! Wow, souvenirs haha!)
Staf (Guest)
Man i hope u will finish this yamcha is my fav human in dragonball
You good man? Coming up on the second year since an update, wondering if everything is ok.
momo (Guest)
this is masterpice please comback !!!!!!
Vegetaspride (Guest)
Please continue with this amazing series!
LazyMonkey (Guest)
Man, I really hope this comes back
Doctor Nico (Guest)
Still no news ? Hope you're doing fine. Have a great day, I wish you have the time to make new chapters one day :)
Magma (Guest)
I guess I'm a little late to the party, but your work is wonderful man. Hope you're doing okay, from a new fan.
Biggest fan (Guest)
It's been so long when the next chapter I had to reread its so good please make
the next one please please
Biggest fan (Guest)
This is a big cliffhanger there must be another chapter
good fight, it's interesting that even if humans are weak separately together they can fight or at least defend themselves against demons and other beings of great power, it shows that human potential should not be underestimated
Basileus (Guest)
Leaving a comment to show that interest isn’t dead. I really miss this comic…
Atom1CDeaD (Guest)
best fan mangas ever
Wait is the Manga over
Triclops (Guest)
Stumbled across this comic. It's so satisfying to read! It does seem to take a **ton** of work, so I'm worried it won't be finished. Either way you've done a fantastic job! Would love to see more, and I'll definitely check back in once in awhile!
Dean Lerner (Guest)
RMK any new chapters coming?
Flo (Guest)
Just here to check on any progress. I hope you're doing fine - or at least something in it's general direction. I know this is a fanfiction of copyrighted material, but just in case: I'd really pay for more of this story!
When coming back?
Unknown (Guest)
I hope you’re out there somewhere because I really miss the story. I’ve been waiting for at least two years for an update.
Mooobies (Guest)
Wow... Just wow
Duke Monterier (Guest)
Couldn't help but loved. It exceeded my expectations. Hope you will finish this. I want to support somehow too if you need.
Josey (Guest)
I love this comic.
Will it continue?
Rod of Stone (Guest)
More than 2 years without an update, we miss this story, RMK.