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18th Dec 2014, 4:50 PM in Chapter 9: Training
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Shiki (Guest)
I am sorry for over-commenting so much in just one night. But the last panel. OMG. I was drinking my coffee i will have you know you made me spill it, cough, and laugh so hard.
I would tell Solace that it's a ridiculous wish, but then I remember General/Commander Red from the Red Ribbon Army wanted 'em to get taller, so y'know what, she's not totally wrong XD
Isn't it more that such wishes tend to be... aiming low? You could wish for the ability to give ANYONE bigger boobs, including yourself.

Or just full-on shape-shifting of a higher quality than what characters such as Puar have learned.
“I wish for everyone to have their dream bust size with no back pain!”