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7th Jan 2015, 11:00 PM in Chapter 12: Yunomi's Mother!
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Hate to rain on everybodies parade, but this is comparable to a US Marine core person refusing to call in an airstrike because they have relied on the US Air Force for too long.
Rather illogical.
On the other hand this is DRAGON BALL Z!
Vegeta would probably do something stupid and screw things up anyway.
Gem Productions (Guest)
Vegeta be like hey your not powerful enough go fuse with cell then we fight
It's more comparable to Chicago not wanting LAPD to protect them; with your analogy, they're at least expected to work together, but this is two entirely separate species from two entirely separate worlds. I think it makes perfect sense for Earthlings to want Earth left in the hands of her own.
Not really, no. here's why.

-First and foremost, these aren't military men. They're Martial Artist with deep Asian culture in their roots. This isn't about pride, it's about honor - and in fact, Goku and Vegeta would agree to not butt in their battles if they said "please don't interfere", because they themselves understand this warrior-like mentality. They've done that several times in the show.

Second, many military missions have happened with this kind of reasoning. When France retook its capital in WW2, for example, the commanders of the resistance asked the US allies permission to not interfere with the recapture of Paris, because they wanted to fix that stuff themselves.
They succeeded.

Illogical, but this isn't about logic. It's about human feelings, redemption, and again, honor.
Fabian (Guest)
I agree with Yamcha. Plus a Kaioshin should be below Fat Buu power tier, so I assume even if they did bring Vegeta/Gohan, they'd need a bunch of a powerups to catch up to Heiwa. owo
Rod of Stone (Guest)
And this is the moment I knew your story was going to be awesome!

This is the line we all fans of the earthlings talked about; the dezinents of Earth should have been responsible for their planet's fate! Like the Sayian ark.