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9th Oct 2015, 7:35 PM in Chapter 20: Tricks and Aces
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anonymous (Guest)
Amazing comic
Diego (Guest)
Incredible! It was a great battle, but what was the "genkidama" part of hellzone sokidan?
That's part of the surprise for next issue! :) Thanks for reading!
Misterious Guy (Guest)
I started to read this chapter a bit time ago only, it's an obsession xD.
Whatever, cool chapter, this is the first time I see Yamcha so tactic in a combat, he was so very damn intelligent in the ultimate pages. I'm waiting for the next chapters! :D
Regards :D
P.S.: I have two questions, if you don't mind:
1: You bought a graphics tablet or something like that? Because I note your drawing style different from the first chapters. Anyway, your drawing style is very cool.
2: The surprise that Yamcha alludes in the previous chapter is this HellZone Sokidan? And Yamcha have more surprises? :0
In regard to your questions:

Yes, starting with Volume 2, I began drawing Elsewhere digitally. Volume 1 was all done on paper, scanned (terribly) and digitally cleaned up as best as I could. It is also 10 years old so it looks pretty bad.

2: Yes, Yamcha has some more surprises :)
Misterious Guy (Guest)
Thanks for the answers :D
And don't worry for the drawing style of volume 1, for me, it looks pretty good too ;)
steve (Guest)
This was pretty good, glad to see someone else that likes yamcha instead of the same old horse crap that morons like to say about him.
FusionShardProductions (Guest)
Hey RMK do you have any idea when the next chapter will be coming out I know you probably do this in your free time but still it be cool to know a possible date and is there anywhere I can download the whole comic in one go
Goku (Guest)
rmk this comic is osm bt u knw m die hard fan of dragon ball series BT my country didn't support dbz coz its has violence OK coming to point I don't think that yamcha can't hurt goku that hard I like yamcha special that kio ken its osm bt I don't know u guys notice or not why goku didn't use his ki atck or energy bomb look suspicious I guess his holding back. bt good work eagerly waiting for upgrd damn good @K
I don't think he can do that while getting his ass handed to him, lol.
I wanna ask why goku doesn't try to atck with his "KAMEHAMEHA WAVE" and his maximum "KIO-KEN" at first maybe he is holding back and his favorite "SUPER SAYAIN MODE" damn I don't feel good when goku is loosing or get a good beating so pls answer me thanks :)