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11th Dec 2015, 9:15 PM in Chapter 21: Battle of Wills
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DSSword (Guest)
XD I love King Kai's reaction to this move. I'm curious to see if this will be followed up on in the following chapters.
Kind of a missed opportunity here, at least in dialogue; Kaio-sama loves puns, and yet he doesn't call it a Sokidama....
I actually think Pachinko Bomb fits perfectly here and is very appropriate
Darkness (Guest)
How about... "Bandit Bomb"?
NTD (Guest)
Bandit Bomb is a perfect name for it.
Rod of Stone (Guest)
'Sokidama' does have a nice ring to it.
i'm lost here, what does pachinko mean?
It's a game from Japan that's vaguely similar to pinball.
And here's the reveal! Thank you! Wonderful, as expected!

...Also wonderfully opposite reactions from the masters XD
Randy1031 (Guest)
Brilliant! You're brilliant!
Rod of stone (Guest)
It's official now, this move's name shall hence be known us "Sokidama"!