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11th Dec 2015, 9:17 PM in Chapter 21: Battle of Wills
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Gohan (Guest)
Watching Goku getting so many hits melts my heart
A pure-hearted person like him shouldn't get THAT much hurt...
Let's be fair, though, it's Goku; he'd be disappointed if he WASN'T taking a lot of hits.... Besides, Yamucha's being awesome enough that it's worth it....
Question RMK: I thought the Spirit Bomb wouldn't be able to hurt Goku since it just bounced off another character that was pure of heart, his son back in the Saiyan Saga. Is it because the energy was taken from Goku instead of nature, basically creating a makeshift spirit bomb?
SomeGuy (Guest)
I agree it theoretically should bounce back
SaGe (Guest)
Something to think about is ... this is Yamacha's "spin" on a spirit bomb. So, while it has the same aspect of building up power to then bring down upon an enemy... it doesn't have to obey the "pure of heart" rule. :) He built essentially a big ass ki ball which looks just like and acts like a spirit bomb.. without the need to follow the pure of heart rule. King Kaio even says in the next panel in an angry rant its twisted etc.
Milan (Guest)
Yamcha hit Goku with his own Spirit Bomb long before Jiren