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7th Jul 2016, 4:36 PM in Chapter 23: Recovery
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What if Maccha and Kyonshi were reunited. What would have have transpired?
I'll leave that to your imagination.
That's kind of difficult for me since I still have yet to learn their history together and what relationship they had at the time.
ImperialWrath (Guest)
Can we assume that since Maccha only had a day to teach them the true Wolf Fang Fist style, that he did so by using the Room of Spirit and Time?
Anon (Guest)
That would make no sense because he still only has 24 hours of real time. Even if he did go in RoSaT, he would still have to leave after the 24hr limit was up. As far as we know, going into the Time Chamber doesn't mitigate that limit or effect it in any way.
What??? If they went in there the 24 hours would have been a year in the time chamber.... it doesn't matter how much time he has