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7th Jul 2016, 4:36 PM in Chapter 23: Recovery
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Raddra (Guest)
Nice stuff so far :) Keep up the good work! Its appreciated :)
This is great, I always felt that this was something DBZ neglected (I very might have missed them doing so though.) The actual experience of being killed/brutally attacked never seemed to result in any trauma, it was always senzu or wish them back. This is a great feature
Agreed. Also this page in particular makes me want to give him a hug, especially with his expression in the second panel; the haunted look's very effective....
Remy (Guest)
Awesome!! More please... :)))
Paula (Guest)
Poor boy :c
Caleb (Guest)
Dude so good. Keep making more please!
Dark Expance (Guest)
Thank god this is back!! :)
Caiside (Guest)
When is the next page?
anonymous (Guest)
Can't wait to see what happens next!
Harambeneverdied (Guest)
I check this every day I want more plzzz this is awesome bro
I'm a little late to the game here. But are we in the middle of a hiatus?
No hiatus. Just a life delay.
Gem Productions (Guest)
Hey are you going to be posting more?? I am really loving this and hope you would continue it!!
Its time for new pages. Isnt it?
Is this still being worked on?