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16th Oct 2016, 12:47 PM in Chapter 23: Recovery
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Raddra (Guest)
Thank you so much for these, very much appreciated and I dont mind the waits! :)
euzinho (Guest)
Awesome story so far, waiting patiently for the next chapter/pages!

It would be nice if you could implement an update standard of 1 page every 1 or 2 weeks instead of several pages every now and then, that way it would be easier for us to follow and possibly help you "automate" your drawing process ;)
RahhelTheThird (Guest)
Just found your comic because I was looking for the supposed spin-off that was announced after the Dragon Ball Super episode with Yamcha playing baseball. Your comic is amazing! Really love the lore and the humor really feels like those early Dragon Ball chapters. Keep it up.
Nate (Guest)
Hehe, I found this while trying to find the other Yamcha manga where a DB fan reincarnated into him
DB super, DBM, DB elsewhere, and now 'Reincarnated as Yamcha' . There's only so much DB manga I can keep up with at a time
My mind is officially blown. You fixed who knows how many plot holes in just this one chapter. I tip my hat off at you good sir.
Agreed! Rather brilliantly handled. While I suspect the main reason was to give Dr. Gero his Android body back so Yamcha can confront him later and finally face the source behind his recurring dream, this and the earlier reference that the villains are being taken to their personal realms is also a perfect way to set up Frieza's fate in Resurrection of F/Dragon Ball Super.

That said, there is that one scene near the end of the anime where the villains are watching Goku fight Kid Buu and Frieza was without prosthetics (although Gero was), but I'm sure there's a way to explain that somehow. Perhaps Frieza blackmailed a soul (e.g. a bodiless member of the Frieza Force not purified and sent back to Earth as a new being) into serving as a proxy of his? Or maybe the villains get a 1-hour break from their torment where they get to watch "TV" (well, a crystal ball), choose how they want their bodies to be like during that hour and so forth. Or something like that. I'm sure there's a way! Perhaps RMK's thought it up already...
SilverMadness (Guest)
That also makes the Super Android 17 arc in GT make more sense with Gero and Myu who are both mechanical to still be as such when in Hell
Kevin R. (Guest)
Guest, did you actually watch the movie/episodes in question? There is no plot hole, Freeza still has his mechanized body in hell at the beginning of the movie, then his minions promptly put him in a healing tank after resurrecting him, which causes him to regain his full organic body.
Rod of Stone (Guest)
And yet, they did not done that when they restored him to life in the first place, they mechanized him.

So, yes, bad writing and plot-hole.