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16th Oct 2016, 12:47 PM in Chapter 23: Recovery
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lightningbarer (Guest)
Have you ever thought about going on Patreon?
I have indeed, though there's a couple of things for me to consider.

First, I don't have license for the Dragonball IP. I know some fanartists make money doing portraits of characters they don't own, but a series seems like it might be a bridge too far.

Second, and the biggest issue at hand, is that my job provides health insurance for my family. Were I a single man, I would likely jump at Patreon. I'd also probably live out of a van, but that's a different scenario altogether haha.

Of course, it's entirely possible I misunderstand what Patreon is used for aside from a primary income.
TheCraftyGamer (Guest)
Patreon is for people who appreciate your work and want to help to give you a donation to help with the creation of the series or just so they can show there support.
lightningbarer (Guest)
I've seen a lot of people develop projects through Patreon, and while you don't own the IP of Dragonball, I think its evident that you own the IP on ELSEWHERE, its variation on characters and primarily its plot. Under Fair Use I think that is fine, as long as you're not using pre-established artwork and storylines, I don't think you can be got for that.

I can understand the job you having giving stuff for your family mate, I really get that. The option you can have - if it is usable - is to dial back your hours at work maybe? (unless the health insurance is dependant on the hours you currently work, don't know I'm in the UK)

But, if there is an idea you can do that might work, selling Volumes, I know that DBM is currently doing that so they're okay.

Either way mate, hope you're feeling better, I know the problems of the depression train. Hope my ideas have helped
Thanks very much for the further feedback. You make a good point regarding Patreon and I think I might start one up down the line with some incentives and thank-yous for supporters. You've helped very much, just so you know.
Lightningbarer (Guest)
dude, I'm seriously glad I've helped, been a big fan since way back when - I found your stuff through FFVII and the AerithxCloud / TifaxCloud artwork (Cloti is still the way though lol).
That's the way I always felt about it. Cloud/Tifa and Zack/Aerith for life.
Terry (Guest)
I'll wait. Do what you gotta do.
Raddra (Guest)
Thank you so much for these, and dont worry about delays! I appreciate all you draw and don't mind waiting! :)
Someone from Earth (Guest)
I wish you the best and i hope everything will be better for you in your life and i really hope you will continue the story even 1 chapter a year...I am and many more i guess looking forward for next chapter. Yamcha really needs his own story and i am glad someone saw this through and did it. Dragonball Super is great but like GT and Z only popular ''chars'' got screen time and altough it's great everbody else is just there with no dialogue(last episode Goten for example)
Thank you for your support. I certainly hope I can release more than one chapter a year haha
Your fan manga is awesome, keep it going as long as you can and at the pace you need. Greetings!
Gem Productions (Guest)
YESSSSS, thanks for continuing this awesome project RMK out of all the spin off manga of DBZ I have seen this is a first place tie with DBZ Multiverse and they have like 5 people working on that!! But you do this epic series all alone, it is very impressive!! Keep up the good work I look forward to new pages in the future!
P.S. I have even seen spin off manage of DBZ referencing to this masterpiece, you have literally effected how the entire world how views DBZ and Yamacha!! Thank you for all you hard work!!
That's awesome news! Thank you for letting me know. I hope little by little, things change within the fandom until it affects the official series :)
Salagir (Guest)
Take your time and go on. If I could wait ten years, I can wait more.
You the real deal? Nice to see you follow elsewhere as well.
Thanks! I always appreciate your support.
It's okay, we do understand. <3
Grabnatz (Guest)
Hello. Iam a german fan of your story. Yamcha wasn't even my favorite but I like him.I hope they will shown us something else on Dragon ball super. A little Arc with Yamcha,Tien an Krillin as the main heros.

Iam exited if Krillin an Tenshinhan will surpass Yamcha again. In the Boo arc, Yamcha mentioned that Krillin is the strongest (human ;) ) to his daughter.
Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

Things will become clear about Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Krillin as we draw closer to the end of the story.
Good Old Daley (Guest)
I love the build up for the Yamcha versus Dr. Gero battle. The dream is alive. Go for it, Wolf boy.
Marvin (Guest)

I am another one of your German fans and would like to thank you sincerely for your great contribution to the Yamcha fanbase. Your technique is superb! I can't wait to see how the adventures of Yamcha and his companions will continue but I also understand the hardships of creative types like yourself. AnimatedJames has uploaded a YouTube video that visualizes your apparent struggles quite well, I think. The linkt to the viedo, if you or anyone else reading this may be interested, is:

If you were to start your own creator-account on, as has been recommended by lightningbarer, I would glady express my appreciation of your hard work there.

Wish you the best of luck!

Thank you for your support. I am looking over the legal portion of Patreon's website right now. :) I will let everyone know if I go through with it.

Thank you for sharing that video as well. It takes courage for a person to share their work with the world. I do value the many people all over the world who have taken the time to share their support and I always look forward to reading everyone's comments. :)
dbzhumansrock (Guest)
Exactly what it says on the tin : )
Grechanski (Guest)
Love you man
JakeTheSnake (Guest)
Testing, testing, this is my first comment ever
I love how you are putting some respect on Yamcha's name and I hope more people to discover this story, it is awesome.
Fumfernickel (Guest)
I guarantee the writers read your comic and decided to give Yamcha some love in the most recent DBS.
Donsalvatore (Guest)
Hey! I can't stop trading this beautiful piece of art, Yamcha has been always one of my favorite characters, i was so dissapointed when he was reduced to a useless fighter loosing to a saibaiman, being so humilliated... I was always waiting to see him training with kaiosama (king Kai in English dub),train at higher gravities and even the hiperbolic chamber!! Man, i hope you keep up with these good work!!! Greetings from chile.
If you noticed there has been a surge of love for Yamcha lately, due to a combination of the Baseball episode of Super and the Yamcha mini-series Shueisha is publishing. I just thought I would let you know that you strike while the iron is hot and try get the word out of your series(Didn't know where to post this comment though)
You should submit this to Shueisha's new 'Dragon Ball Room' like the other Yamcha mini-series and who knows, if all things work smoothly Dragon Ball Elsewhere may become canon.
I would love to. I have no idea where that is. Do they accept submissions that aren't in Japanese?
I think I may have misinformed you. The 'Dragon Ball Room' is an entire department that is dedicated to Dragon Ball. Here are a couple of articles if you are having trouble Googling it to learn a little more. I had thought that since the Dragon Ball Room is searching for new ideas that you should TRY AND SEE WHAT YOU COULD DO. I am sorry I am not much help like I want to be.
As for the Yamcha Reincarnation spin off goes, I believe that the writer was just getting popular on twitter and was discovered by Jump and since they published something around Yamcha I figured the Dragon Ball Room or Jump might be on the look out for new and fresh ideas. Also, since the Yamcha spin off "series ranked #8 in the 2017 edition of Takarajimasha's Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! (This Light Novel Is Amazing!) guidebook." they would want more Yamcha related content due to the predecessors' success, hence I thought of DBZ Elsewhere.
I didn't consider the language barrier and their is a lot of assumptions on my part. I guess you could find someone to translate the chapters you were planning on submitting, I don't know where you can do that, but I would try to contact the department heads of the 'Dragon Ball Room' whose names are in the links and the jump site that publishes the Yamcha sin off. Warning it is a Japanese website
Thanks for the clarification. No worries.
This URL may or may not interest you.
The best things in this world took ages to be finished, DBE is not different. We wait !!!!!
No Stress (Guest)
I know this is a little late, all I can say is, people can wait, it will not kill them, take time to look after your health first and foremost, or else you will never finish it anyway - just know there is a solid foundation following you and your work, because it is THAT good, so on behalf of everyone, we can wait.

And let's not forget, there is a 'Episode of Bardock' why not a 'Episode of Yamcha'

Good luck on all future art, take your time and most of all stay healthy!
kingworld (Guest)
I hope you are doing better now :)