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18th Dec 2014, 4:19 PM in Chapter 4: Confessions
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Please, don't you dare make me have any kind of respect for Yamcha...

Also, I'm surprised the non canon Recoome fight is being used here...then again, I guess it should be. Recoome doesn't get many canon victories, sad as that is.
Sorry, I have this habit of showing the awesomeness of characters for whom one has to read between the lines to appreciate.

And I use filler a lot if I feel it adds to the mythos. People complain about contradictions, but Toriyama himself regularly contradicted himself. I just make it work.
Shiki (Guest)
Best reply ever

Gred (Guest)
Man, it is one of the greatest character development i ever seen. That douji have much more soul and logic than original manga, lol.
Who's the opponent in panel three? Is that some nameless mook or someone I'm forgetting? It kind of resembles Tao Pai Pai, but they never fought in canon....
An Eagle Style fighter he fought in the preliminaries of the 22nd Tournament.