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5th Aug 2019, 7:28 PM in Chapter 31: Gods and Kings
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Damn, Heiwa, that was rougher than the fight....
SaGe (Guest)
that comment cut pretty deep, damn!
I don’t get it, what was he implying here? That Yamaha wasn’t worthy and that Goku was? That just seem like a downplaying situation.
NTD (Guest)
Thats Heiwa´s interpretation of what Anshin would´ve chosen, still think Anshin would´ve picked Yamcha over Goku because of his present struggles and training.
Dude I was going to say “So Yamcha did all of this awesome stuff for nothing?”
I feel like people keep saying, if Heiwa is this strong, how could Yamcha defeat him and have this story stay canon-compatible? But there's still the matter of Anshin. Up to this point, Yamcha hasn't unlocked Anshin's power. No doubt when Yamcha beats Heiwa, it won't be through his power alone, but the combination of his power and Anshin's. It's not all about strength; a lot of Yamcha's growth in this story is about confronting his fears and spiritual weaknesses. Stuff like his sense of inferiority to Goku, his sense of vulnerability to Dr. Gero, and his issues with Vegeta. Once he is mentally ready to unlock Anshin's power, he can attain a much higher level than he possesses on his own. And once he is no longer bonded with Anshin, he could easily return to his normal level for the Buu saga to still be possible.
No, Yamcha should be WAY more stronger