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5th Aug 2019, 7:28 PM in Chapter 31: Gods and Kings
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Rod of stone (Guest)
And, like I said, RMK does NOT dissapoint!
SaGe (Guest)

*DYING* LOL! Amazzzzinngggggg
Anom (Guest)
Ok, now all makes sense, you dont dissapoint RMK, how true are those words Rod of Stone
Salagir (Guest)
Ah ah ah ah! At last page, I thought it would be chess or something, saw the joke coming, but I didn't see THAT :D
NTD (Guest)
LOL expectations subverted! Hilarious too.
Critic (Guest)
I saw this coming, Yes!
Love how this has such a great a serious plot yet still mixes in the DB humor to make this so much more real.
Wolf6120 (Guest)
Of course the Ginyus would be LOVING something like this lmao
Ultimate Perfection (Guest)
Awesome, a Full Metal Alchemist reference!!!
This is such a Dragon Ball moment