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5th Aug 2019, 7:28 PM in Chapter 31: Gods and Kings
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Branden (Guest)
I really hope to see this series continue on into its own thing cause DBGT sucked, DBS big sucks, and I much prefer a diff multiverse to that of what later DBZ went on to become. This is just a superior story. Like DB, the diologue is much more natural, the characters outside of Yamcha are both loveable and get showtime. Pacing is great, and I really appreciate you bringing back the adventure and traditional fighting elements from early DB. I just really freaking love this, and to be honest, I really don't want this to cap off at where DBZ picked up on. You really got something here.
Ronnie Faulcon Jr (Guest)
YES! The Saiyan Vs. The Wolf! Prince Vegeta Vs. Lord Yamcha!
Rod of stone (Guest)
And you know what? I am more than OK with this!

We had almost 4 years of fight scenes and fight scenes and as much as they were needed and they had to bring test Yamcha's abilities, had to bring closure to him as a person and spell us how much of a threat Heiwa is, we need some story, the fight scenes were awesome, were thrilling and were innovatingly breathtaking.

But fights are only half the reason I am here, the other half is your talent RMK as a storyteller to bring closure to Yamcha's inner struggles and do justice to the injustices that have been committed to his person, no least of all, his failure complex.

So I will be happy waiting till 1/4/2020 and I am sure the waiting will be well-worth it.

In the meantime I will give those chapters another look or two, I am sure I won't be the only one.
Takeno (Guest)
Give me the next chapter now T^T that's story is so good.

This was a good chapter. King Cold vs. Olibu was hilarious, as was the Under Construction bit. I love it when the old DB type of humor is present.

Hopefully Yamcha will keep his cool and make peace with Bulma and Vegeta. He's always been there for Bulma even after they broke up. He's just that good a guy. In a way he's even more selfless than Goku, who fights for his own enjoyment whereas Yamcha fights when he has to.

Thanks for the chapter, RMK. Great stuff.
Jim (Guest)
Now all Yamcha has to do is learn the power stressed form from Master Roshi, so he can fight like Olibu.
Holy crap, I just realized the injustice I've committed in not leaving a review for this chapter, especially considering how well I know what it's like to not get a review from readers. That said, I loved this new chapter! You've once again outdone yourself with the story writing RMK. My favorite scene has to, of course, be the Olympian gauntlet contest between Olibu & King Cold. I don't know what surprised me more, what the gauntlet actually was (I was expecting something completely different), or that King Cold knew of it. However, he is the (former) self-proclaimed emperor of the universe, so it would make sense he would know of it.

Goku's revelation that Yamcha calls out to Yunomi in his sleep, and his embarrassed reaction to it, was also amusing, and quite interesting. It seemingly reveals that there are still some unresolved feelings between them, despite the progress he's made w/ her & Barracks over the years.

Although I understand and respect your reasoning for the hiatus, I must say that I will still look forward to the next chapter w/ eager anticipation. So I can't wait for April 2020, and once again, thank you RMK for this epic tale you're providing for us.