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5th Aug 2019, 7:28 PM in Chapter 31: Gods and Kings
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Unknown (Guest)
I have been following this comic for a few years now And I’ve loved every minute of it! Love Yamcha getting the spotlight he deserves, his whole backstory, new allies and friends, new enemies to face, and his new love Yunomi( sorry if I spelled that wrong). I kinda hope to see some jealous Bulma for some reason in 2020( *cough* Yunomi is so much better than her *cough*) Well whatever the case you’re doing a great job and I’ll probably love anything you write/draw in your upcoming chapter four!!!
Ronnie Faulcon Jr (Guest)
I agree! Don't worry about and I can wait! I'm just glad to see you still doing okay! And once again my boi Yamcha will be demanding for respect to be put on his name! I so want to see a jealous Bulma when if she meets Yunomi and Yamcha for once gets the finally put her and Vegeta in their place! :)
i love dragon ball but never watched any of it i only watched super.but i still love it
Daniel (Guest)
Thanks man for your efforts!
One of the most inspiring fan manga that I ever read!

You are the only one who touched issues like power of will, natural talents and races with gentleness and sensibility.

You touched my heart because in life, i'm more like a Yamcha instead of a Goku.
My Will is the only thing that I have and I'm very happy that someone like you indirectly sustains me.

Thank You RMK!
I'm happy you are able to be blessed by my work. Thank you for letting me know.
Zen Gringo (Guest)
I love your comics man I've been reading this for months, I have a question though.

Will Yamcha get to keep his powers? Meaning that the events of Buu Saga play differently here or will it be the same?
This will line up with the Buu saga. My goal is absolutely no contradictions. It will make sense.
Really, I feel like the Yamcha that we got in the Buu saga was kind of wasted besides that one scene with him and Krillin in Otherworld training with the otherworld fighters/ Buu attack.
Zen Gringo (Guest)
Yeah, I agree Yamcha was wasted during the Buu saga.
But it was inevitable, this was a nice journey nonetheless.
Alawolf (Guest)
Finally. I thought you drop this great story. Thanks for the good news man.
Someone From Earth (Guest)
Thank you for your amazing work RMK, we will always wait for the next chapter, how many more are you planning to release ??? Also will you ever make a colour cover ?
Sai (Guest)
Hello! I love your fanmanga and well its because your really good for telling story and because Yamcha! (and i am swiss, i speak french normally so my English it's not really godd but well XD)
Picate (Guest)
This has been a great story to follow, and actually a lot more well thought out than most fan mangas; and it is true to the source material.
Shhshdhdhd (Guest)
Just read this within a couple of days. I craving more but i have to wait :((((
CHEWys (Guest)
Alawolf (Guest)
I know you will post volume 4 at april but i am still checking the page almost everyday :D
Tombo (Guest)
Excellent work as always.

Enjoy the Hiatus (can't be a mangaka without at least one hiatus).

Look forward to the next chapter.
Bobo (Guest)
Damn ive read this like 1 or 2 years ago and knew it wasnt finished back then and came back today just to read it all over again in one piece.

Your Fan Manga is truly amazing and you should keep going! Ive fallen in Love with Dragonball Multiverse and now with this :*
Scotty (Guest)
I hope that you are making it through that last year of college alright RMK. I’ve been an on and off fan for a long while now. You have made something great, you have made it this far in college, you’ve got your life going on. Take as long as you have to, and remember to take a breather every once in a while. Best of luck to you.
Salagir (Guest)
Congrats and see you soon!
Johan (Guest)
I just found this manga yesterday and I stayed up until almost 2 o'clock this morning reading it and just now finished it and I've got to say that this is probably my favorite fan manga that I have found and read. I'm not gonna lie piccolo was probably my favorite character just because of his personality and because of the fact that in my eyes as well as a lot of others that he is gohans dad because he took gohan in as his own and learned to love him and he is always there for him (his character just kinda touches home with me since I have step kids that I've raised since birth and even tho They are not my blood I love them as they were) but I've got to honestly admit after reading this, yamcha has become one of my favorites, I always root for the underdog and yamcha is an underdog at its finest. I hate the way they completely threw him aside in db super, he's basically not even a common character anymore. But this manga does him justice and he deserves it. Keep up the good work man, I can't wait for the next chapter.
Dakas (Guest)
I really love the concept of this comic. It makes yamcha not a joke. I hope this comic finally gives him his happy ending that he should have gotten a long time ago. Props to the creator for this awesome comics.
kingworld (Guest)
Many thanks for all your work and great story. We support you and look forward to reading from you again soon! :D
RocketMinion (Guest)
Just 3 months more...
Tim (Guest)
So RMK, have you read Chapter 56 of Dragon Ball Chou yet? This got me hype for new material for Yamcha and Chiaotzu. Can I be a greedy man and hope for some more Launch as well?
Gamwize (Guest)
I was wondering if you have a patreon so I can donate some...I know how tough mixing school and hobbies and school is so I would love to help.
Thank you for the offer. I deactivated my Patreon during the hiatus as it seemed the right thing to do. I may activate it at a later date. If I do, I'll let everyone know in case they are interested.
Someone (Guest)
Thanks for your super comic! I really enjoy reading it. :)
Wolfy (Guest)
Found this by accident after DGBS card game tournament I took part in today. And spend few hours reading all of your work.

Cant whait for the next pages. Keep this going.

Thanks a lot.
jib (Guest)
With Corona going around, will their be an update?
Still planning on it. Working hard.
Takeno (Guest)
Today should mark the return of the legendary fanmanga about our Lord & Saviour Yamcha ♥
Tsuyu (Guest) (Guest)
Great chapter; sorry, I've been following, but this is my first comment.

I loved the Mr. Olympia theme; perfect timing in this chapter. Humour is always the best reprieve after a battle.

Kinda felt a little salty at Heiwa implying that Yamcha wasn't worthy. Otherwisw awesome work, as always.
DannyBoy15 (Guest)
Hey RMK sorry to bother you during your hiatus,this is my 8th time reading your amazing story and I just have one question if you are willing to answer it.If roshi invented the kamehameha then what was the turtle school’s signature technique before that?
I would say it's his max power technique where he swells up. Granted, this is just my spin on the school, but it lends itself to the idea reflected in his training method that focuses on strength, speed, and damage resistance. The big boost would be (like a turtle) defense.
DannyBoy15 (Guest)
Hey RMK sorry to bother you again I just have one follow up question,did any of roshi’s students learn the max power technique?Like yamcha or krillin?

DannyBoy15 (Guest)
That makes a lot of sense!Thank you for answering,I can’t wait for the story to continue and I hope you and your loved ones are having an amazing life.God bless:)