Volume 4 Chapter 32 001
1st Apr 2020, 11:00 AM in Chapter 32: Wolves and Demons
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Volume 4 Chapter 32 001
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Author Notes:
Shading assistance and color balance provided by CosmoCatte!!
User comments:
CashmereCoat (Guest)
Awesome cover man! It’s so good to have you back! I can’t wait till the 9th!
Ultimate Perfection (Guest)
You're finally back RMK! I've been waiting for this very moment. Your art style has improved a ton as well; it looks great!
Rod of Stone (Guest)
He is back! The best DBZ fanmanga is back!
Tombo (Guest)
Aw yes - I'm ready.

I've got to say - I'm fully impressed by you saying you'd probably deliver in April and then you actually do.

Full 100% appreciate you.
Jeffrey Payne (Guest)
Glad your back Rmk USually i used to people not finishing but i hope you at least finish this story or if art panels come to difficult just let us know and see if fanfiction can work at least i invested in this story and hate not knowing the ending of it at least.
Pandemic (Guest)
Did corona kill this project?
Hiatus!?? (Guest)
This project is so good man please don’t drop it right after returning! Come back!!
Best Fan-manga ever, hoping it comes back eventually.
Hiatus (Guest)
Please come back do not drop this story it is one of the best stories ever on the internet, don't let corona kill this story
Mystic Gohan (Guest)
I'm pretty sure life got in the way and he dropped this, but it was good while it lasted.
Sokidan (Guest)
Please start a gofund me to complete this